Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading: 27/7/20

It's Pokemon GO Fest as I write this, so this will be short. Gotta catch them all! Letters From Berlin by Tania Blanchard (available October 7th) arrived thanks to Simon and Schuster. Set in Berlin in 1943, Susie and her loved ones are at risk. She is determined to protect them any way she can,... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: A Burning by Megha Majumdar

In brief: A terrorist attack on a train has wide-ranging consequences for three individuals. Who will rise and who will fall? The good: Very well written with some confronting moral dilemmas. The not-so-good: Exposes that life really isn't fair – so much depends on other things. Why I chose it: Sounded like something I would... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Here We Are by Graham Swift

In brief: Ronnie, Evie and Jack all worked in the theatre on the pier at Brighton in 1959. It was a life changing summer for them all. The good: Fascinating story with each character's history revealed gradually. The not-so-good: Fairly quick read (although you will want to savour the words). Why I chose it: That... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Deep State by Chris Hauty

In brief: Hayley Chill is an intern in a controversial president's White House. But when the Chief of Staff is killed, it's clear that something is happening to try to undermine the president. The good: Very detailed descriptions of everything. The not-so-good: The ending is clever, but I couldn't help but feel a bit ripped... Continue Reading →

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