Reading in 2017 by the numbers

2017 was the second year that I've done a reading log separate to what you see in Goodreads and the like. According to my log, I read 82 books and DNF'd 2 (much better than last year). That's up from 2016's total of 75. My best reading month was July (hello holidays) and worst in... Continue Reading →

Reading in 2017: (almost) the hallway point

As I was drinking my tea this morning wrapped in a jumper and actually wearing shoes on my feet, I realised that it's winter. Which means that it's about time to look at my reading for this year. How am I going? I know that's only a question that I can (and should) answer. Reading... Continue Reading →

Book Nerd Statistics of 2016

For the first time in 2016, I kept a detailed spreadsheet of the books I read, based on one Book Riot talked through early in the year. It's not that I don't believe Goodreads when it gives me nifty stats like this: But, the Aussie versions of books often have different numbers of pages (for... Continue Reading →

January’s reading

Looking back at January, I managed to read a lot of books for me -ten in total. Some of these were relatively short reads (the kind I get for Christmas and like to laze around reading) - The Big Book of Top Gear 2011 (I love Top Gear), Mad Men: The Illustrated World by Dyna Moe (love Mad Men too) and... Continue Reading →

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