Close to Home by Pamela Cook

In brief: Charlie thought she had left her family baggage behind for good. But now work is taking her back to the small town where she grew up, and not with good news… The good: I found the storyline about the Hendra virus (which affects horses) really interesting. The not-so-good: Bit of a shocking scene... Continue Reading →

China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan

In brief: Return to the world of the super rich of Asia – meeting new characters such as Colette and Carlton and crazier schemes than anything you could ever imagine. The good: Never, ever boring – someone or something is always crazy. The not-so-good: Plot is slightly fractured due to the number of characters. Why... Continue Reading →

If She Did It by Jessica Treadway

In brief: Hanna is trying to get her life back together after an attack caused her serious injury and killed her husband. Now the killer is appealing, but the question everyone wants answered is if Hanna's daughter was involved in the attack. The good: The revelation towards the end of the book is explosive. The... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday 1/6/15

And another Monday rolls around, hard to believe it's June! I've been busy over the last week looking at BEA pics and making note of some great new books for the latter half of the year. My mailbox was blessed this week with six new books! Yay! Thanks to Allen & Unwin, Hachette Australia and... Continue Reading →

Woman of the Dead by Bernhard Aichner

In brief: Blum is a woman on a mission after his husband's death – avenge him by bringing down the perpetrators of a group he was investigating. The good: Blum is unique – I didn't know whether I wanted to be her friend or hide from her. The not-so-good: Blum can be cold-blooded, and things... Continue Reading →

Eugenia by Mark Tedeschi

In brief: The true story of a woman who lived her life as a man and a shocking court trial. The good: I'm really pleased Australia law is now more evidence than speculation based. The not-so-good: I found some of the courtroom chapters a little overlong but oh! the ending (not that the author could... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday 20/4/15

Another eventful week, it seems I spent 50% of it on the phone and the other 50% writing emails! I did get the chance to go book shopping, things were a bit rushed but I grabbed three books. Welcome to the new books to enter my shelves: The Soldier's Wife by Pamela Hart was from... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday 13/4/15

Things have been very busy this week with some unexpected circumstances complicating things and shortening my (limited) leisure time! Thank goodness for stability with the mail. I was lucky enough to win a copy of Liz Byrski's In Love and War from Fremantle Press and Goodreads. Liz is a local author and Fremantle Press a... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday 6/4/15

Happy Easter to those celebrating it (or for next Sunday if you're celebrating Orthodox Easter). I overdosed on chocolate last Thursday, probably a good thing as I didn't receive any Easter eggs. I did buy a couple of books recently though (unlike chocolate, books never go out of date). I was also lucky to receive... Continue Reading →

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