Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading 25/7/16

It's freezing here (and it's only mid-afternoon!). So I feel this post will be short and sharp before my hot chocolate runs out and my fingers get frostbite. Fortunately the postie delivered me three great books, plus I bought another when I went Pokémon hunting to the shops. Many thanks to Transit Lounge for the... Continue Reading →

Monday 11/4/16: In the Mailbox & What I’m Reading

Wow, that was a busy week! I didn't even finish one book – most days were dominated by meetings and classes (even though I'm meant to be on holiday)! Some things were great, some not so great – if you want to see the good bits, check out my Instagram! Thankfully calmness came into the... Continue Reading →

That Devil’s Madness by Dominique Wilson

In brief: Nicolette's grandfather and great-grandfather left France for Algeria for a better life. Many years later, the family left for Australia for the same reasons. Nicolette returns as a photojournalist to cover President Boumedienne's last days, but the Algeria she knows has gone. She won't accept the differences without a struggle. The good: Very... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday 13/7/15

It's been a mixed week for me. I attended a food and wine festival (good) and got the worst haircut in the world (bad). It's no wonder that I had to do a little shopping to make myself feel better! But first, what was actually in the mailbox: On Brunswick Ground by Catherine De Saint... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday 16/2/15

I think it can be safely said that I'm glad last week is over as it was pure chaos! Luckily for me, it wasn't all bad as there were definitely some highlights in the mailbox. (One of these days I will get to a bookshop!) Let's get straight on to the good stuff! The first... Continue Reading →

Claustrophobia by Tracy Ryan

In brief: Pen finds a letter from her husband to his former lover while cleaning up. This letter sends her searching for the woman, falling in love and getting tangled in a web of deceit… The good: The book grabs you and takes you into deep its world, while the twist will shock you. The... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday 14/7/14

I really don't remember too much of the previous week as it was so busy! I do remember that I read a few books that were clever and funny, but I'll share those with you another day. Today is the day to welcome the new books to the household! It was a good week for... Continue Reading →

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