Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading: 9/1/23

An unexpectedly busy week – hopefully things are more consistent this week. An Ungrateful Instrument by Michael Meehan (available 1st February)arrived thanks to Transit Lounge. Antoine and his son Jean-Baptiste are musicians for Louis XIV, unique for their music. It’s about ambition, music and family. Infectious by Dr John S. Tregoning is about pathogens and... Continue Reading →

That Devil’s Madness by Dominique Wilson

In brief: Nicolette's grandfather and great-grandfather left France for Algeria for a better life. Many years later, the family left for Australia for the same reasons. Nicolette returns as a photojournalist to cover President Boumedienne's last days, but the Algeria she knows has gone. She won't accept the differences without a struggle. The good: Very... Continue Reading →

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