REVIEW: North Korea Journal by Michael Palin

In brief: Michael Palin and crew go somewhere he's never been before – North Korea. The good: Very interesting with great photographs. The not-so-good: Quite a quick read. Why I chose it: Michael Palin writes the best travelogues. Year: 2019 Pages: 170 Publisher: Hutchinson (Penguin) Setting: North Korea Rating: 9 out of 10 A new... Continue Reading →

Wild by Nature by Sarah Marquis

In brief: The story of Sarah's walk (yes, walk) from Siberia to Australia – through snow, heat, storms and interruptions you would have dreamed about. It's a unique adventure through a range of landscapes. The good: Fascinating as to how people live and the barriers overcome. The not-so-good: Some sad parts and scary parts for... Continue Reading →

Balilicious by Becky Wicks

A quick rundown… Becky is back on a new adventure, this time in Bali. She's out to explore and find herself, in ways you've never imagined possible. Strengths: So funny at times! Also makes you think – what is important in life? Weaknesses: Snorting with suppressed laughter on the train is not cool. Why I... Continue Reading →

Burqalicious by Becky Wicks

A quick rundown…The story of the expat lifestyle in Dubai if you're young and single – all the glitter and all the dust. Strengths: Lovely familiar writing style (just like one of your best mates is writing you an email) Weaknesses: More about the social life than any in-depth cultural analysis (but that's probably not... Continue Reading →

The Great Railway Bazaar by Paul Theroux

A quick rundown… A man crosses Europe and Asia by train in the 1970s. Strengths: Looking back at the way travelling was then (no iAnything to entertain you) Weaknesses: The author gets grumpy in places; more about the journey than the countries Why I read it: Another Popular Penguin Pages: 372 Published: 2011 (first published... Continue Reading →

An Idiot Abroad by Karl Pilkington

A quick rundown… The book to accompany the TV series – Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant send Karl, who thrives on familiar surroundings (and food) to the Seven Wonders of the World. Strengths: Karl's facts at the end of each section are good, as well as the parts that weren't shown in the series. Weaknesses:... Continue Reading →

Hello Dubai by Joe Bennett

In a nutshell… A guy goes to Dubai because he's never been there. Strengths: You might learn something about Dubai and surrounds. Weaknesses: You may miss it because it's between a load of other words. Why I read it: Very cheap at the bookstore. Pages: 272 Published: 2010 Publisher: Simon & Schuster Rating: 5.5 out... Continue Reading →

A Geek in Japan by Hector Garcia

In a nutshell… Japan – its history, people, traditions, culture and how to find your way around. Strengths: A lot more detailed than on first glance. Weaknesses: Some typos and the excessive use of the word 'moreover' Why I read it: I love Japan Pages: 211 Published: 2011 Publisher: Tuttle Publishing Setting: Rating: 9 out... Continue Reading →

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