Looking for Trouble by Victoria Dahl (audiobook)

In brief: Sophie is a quiet librarian with a hidden secret and a family past that everyone knows about. But when Alex turns up in town, the tension between them simmers as their family's pasts get entangled. The good: Fun, cheeky and with a glimpse of characters you'll remember from other Jackson Hole books. The... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Commute Audiobooks with Audible Australia

You may have noticed the odd audiobook review creeping on to Sam Still Reading lately. I used to read a lot on public transport, but now my commute is shorter if I drive. Unfortunately, this meant no reading. But the upside is that I can listen to audiobooks. Audiobooks also have the benefit of having... Continue Reading →

Exciting New Books for December 2013

Looking back, I didn't do a 'new books I'm interested in' post for last month. November is a huge month for books in Australia, as many 'blockbuster' titles come out in readiness for Christmas. It's definitely hard to select just a few! In December, things are nearly as exciting but tend to slow down as... Continue Reading →

Too Hot to Handle by Victoria Dahl

A quick rundown… Merry Kade is new in Jackson Hole, a curator of a Wyoming ghost town exhibit. Trying to settle down into a single, settled life, Merry didn't could on Shane, her new neighbour. Shane has secrets of his own – that affect Merry's future. Strengths: So much fun! A great romance with a bit... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday 15/4/13

Goodness me, Mondays roll around very quickly at the moment, don't they? It's been another busy week for me and I've been indulging in some book purchases to aid in my rest and relaxation (or that's what I tell myself anyway)! I had recently ordered some books I wanted but couldn't find in any stores.... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday 29/10/12

Weeks seem to be coming by faster and faster at present. With that comes a lot of catalogues in the post advertising that eventful 'C' word- even though Halloween is still to come this week! Fortunately the weather was nice this week, so my parcels arrived nice and dry. Sunday was meant to be a... Continue Reading →

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