Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler

In brief: It's The Taming of the Shrew, told in a modern and fun way. Kate's father wants her to marry his research assistant so he can stay in America. But what does Kate want? The good: Funny, forthright and with a nice dose of science in the setting. The not-so-good: I read it really... Continue Reading →

Dear Daughter by Elizabeth Little

In brief: After ten years, Jane Jenkins is released from gaol on a technicality. Did she murder her mother? Jane doesn't know but she's going to discover her mother's secrets to find out who she is. The good: Interesting premise, liked the use of emails/blog posts/texts/transcripts within the narrative. The not-so-good: The ending is quite... Continue Reading →

The Bear by Claire Cameron

In brief: A camping trip for Anna and her family goes horribly wrong. This is how five year old Anna and three year old Stick saw it. The good: The beginning is jaw-droppingly horrific – not from what you read, but from what Anna is misunderstanding at the scene. The not-so-good: I got a little... Continue Reading →

Parade by Shuichi Yoshida

In brief: The story of four flatmates living in Tokyo and the boy who appears on their couch one night. The good: Excellent translation by Philip Gabriel gives the narrative a haunting, unsettling edge. The not-so-good: Not high on action. Why I chose it: I loved Villain. Thanks to Random House UK for the eARC.... Continue Reading →

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