REVIEW: Anna K by Jenny Lee

In brief: An updated version of Anna Karenina, set amongst rich teenagers in New York. The good: It's decadent and intense. The not-so-good: Memories of shopping and going out… Why I chose it: Sounded like fun, thanks to Penguin for the coolest ARC ever. Year: 2020 Pages: 377 (ARC) Publisher: Penguin Setting: Mainly New York... Continue Reading →

What I Saw by Beck Nicholas

In brief: Callie Jones is a good girl, so nobody would think she would be outside the school dance in the bushes when a king hit is thrown. But she was and now she's faced with a dilemma: stick up for bad boy Rhett or destroy a family? (Read more about the book here). The... Continue Reading →

What We Left Behind by Robin Talley

In brief: Toni and Gretchen fell in love in high school and they know their relationship will last through college, even though they're apart. But Toni begins to question gender and Gretchen is lost without Toni. (Read more here). The good: I really like stories set in the first semester of college/university. The book also... Continue Reading →

Night Owls by Jenn Bennett

In brief: Bex wants to a medical illustrator but can't gain access to a real anatomy lab. A chance meeting on a night bus gives her not only that opportunity, but the chance to fall in love with Jack and discover his complex life. The good: Honest, raw and interesting (I've never read a story... Continue Reading →

How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff

A quick rundown… Set in a future where England is occupied by an unnamed army, Daisy needs to bond with her cousins to make it through. Strengths: It's different. Weaknesses: Hints at the conflict and Daisy's past rather than explains. Who is this book for – teens or adults? Why I read it: Popular Penguin... Continue Reading →

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