REVIEW: Queen Charlotte by Julia Quinn and Shonda Rhimes

In brief: The novelisation of the TV drama about Queen Charlotte and King George, and how it links to the Bridgerton book and TV series. The good: I enjoyed this story a lot, more than I thought I would. The not-so-good: Still haven’t finished the TV series. Why I chose it: Enjoyed the Bridgerton books... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: If Only You by Chloe Liese

In brief: The sixth book in the Bergman brothers series about sister Ziggy trying to shed her good girl/youngest sister reputation with her brother’s bad boy best friend. The good: It’s about a friendship developing with a lot of mutual respect. The not-so-good: Quite slow to get to some points, other revelations were over very... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Bournville by Jonathan Coe

In brief: The story of one family living in Bournville (home of the Cadbury chocolate factory) from World War II to present day. The good: Takes in big historical events for England. The not-so-good: Reading about COVID while you have COVID isn’t that fun. Why I chose it: Forgot that a book is a necessity... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey

In brief: Georgie is sick of being the little sister passed over. When her childhood crush returns to town, there’s something in it for both of them if they fake date. The good: Good fun. The not-so-good: Georgie’s eldest brother is a bit of a Neanderthal. Why I chose it: Heard a lot of good... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading: 22/5/23

An unexpected week, with a book arriving that left the other side of Australia six months ago! The Forthright Woman by Darry Fraser arrived thanks to Harlequin after a prolonged journey. In 1898 South Australia, Marcella searches for clues as to the disappearance of her Uncle Luca at an abandoned station. Many years later, Fran... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Search History by Amy Taylor

In brief: Ana moves to Melbourne after a breakup and meets Evan. After a bit of internet stalking, she finds out that his previous girlfriend died but he won’t talk about it. The good: The realities of living in the internet age. The not-so-good: I felt the subplots about Ana’s workplace and fear of being... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Dear Prudence by Daniel M. Lavery

In brief: A collection of the’s advice column questions and answers, categorised by problem. The good: A huge array of questions and well thought out answers. The not-so-good: Some of the questions were…wow. Why I chose it: Enjoy reading advice columns. Thanks to Scribe for the copy. Year: 2023 Pages: 327 Publisher: Scribe Setting:... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading: 15/5/23

Some comfort reads this week alongside reads to get me thinking… If Only You by Chloe Liese arrived with thanks to Penguin. This is the sixth book in the Bergman Brothers series, although it’s about the youngest Bergman sister, Ziggy. She’s sick of being underestimated so when her brother’s teammate Seb needs his reputation saved,... Continue Reading →

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