Literary Giveaway Blog Hop Signup!

Just a quick message to say that the lovely Leeswammes is hosting the Literary Giveaway Blog Hop again this November – from the 9th to the 13th to be exact. That means that there will be lots of opportunities to win great books over that time, so keep some time free to browse, enter the giveaways and find some new bookish blogs. Bloggers, there are already 29 blogs signed up – what are you waiting for?

I’m still deciding which book I’ll have on offer to giveaway, but I’ll make it a choice from a number of books so the winner can pick one they haven’t read. I’ll be ordering from The Book Depository, so my giveaway will be open to anywhere they deliver to.

What do you think about these books? Would they be the type of book you’d like to win? Once again, I’ve chosen from the books I’ve read in 2013.

My review

My review

My review

My review

My review

9 thoughts on “Literary Giveaway Blog Hop Signup!

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  1. I love all your choices! I’ve been wanting to read The Rosie Project, I signed up to give away Where Did You Go Bernadette for World Book Night, and I think I am Quiet. 😉 You are such a generous giveaway of books, and I know because you sent me one once! xo

  2. Ooh, thanks for putting up your post. I need to compose mine 🙂

    That’s a great choice of books, btw. I can’t wait for the giveaway to start 🙂

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