Australian Women Writers Challenge – completed!

It’s not even halfway through the year, but I thought I should check recently how I’m doing with the Australian Women Writers Challenge (my one and only challenge this year). To my pleasant surprise, I’ve completed it! My aim back in January was to read 10 books by Australian women and review six. To date, I’ve read and reviewed 13 across several genres – young adult, historical fiction, romance and erotica and general fiction.

I also keep a spreadsheet as to what I’m reading (yes, I’m a nerd who loves their Excel formulae). 38.71% of the books I’ve read in 2016 have been by Australian women. 90.32% have been by women overall.

So what have I read – take a look:

Young Adult

What I Saw by Beck Nicholas

General Fiction

The Things We Keep by Sally Hepworth

Summers With Juliette by Emily Madden

Summer Harvest by Georgina Penney

That Devil’s Madness by Dominique Wilson


Hold On To Me by Victoria Purman

The Doctor Calling by Meredith Appleyard

Outback Sisters by Rachael Johns

By Her Side by Lizzy Chandler

Historical Fiction

Swimming Home by Mary-Rose MacColl

The River House by Janita Cunnington

The War Bride by Pamela Hart

A Kiss from Mr Fitzgerald by Natasha Lester

My favourites? Well, they were all pretty good but I’d highly recommend picking up copies of A Kiss From Mr Fitzgerald, The War Bride, Outback Sisters, Hold On To Me and Summers With Juliette. And with new fiction from Rachael Johns and Victoria Purman to look forward to later this year, things look sweet! (I’m sure that there are many more great books by Aussie women to look forward to, but my fingers are nearly frozen so let me know in the comments).

2 thoughts on “Australian Women Writers Challenge – completed!

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  1. You are certainly supporting Australian Women’s Literature. I do wish my fingers were freezing, they are melting.

  2. I’ve finished my ten as well – interestingly, none of the ones I’ve read are on your list, proving the wonderful diversity of Australian Womens literature.

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