Thanks for the Memories by Cecelia Ahern

After my recent spate of unfinished reads, I was really unsure what to read. I wanted to read something that I would definitely like. I enjoyed both The Gift and P.S. I Love You so I thought I’d give this book a go.

This book tells the story of Joyce, who recently had a miscarriage and Justin, who recently gave blood. Can you guess the ending yet? Joyce and Justin keep meeting seemingly randomly as Justin becomes obsessed with who he gave blood to. Joyce is reliving memories that definitely don’t belong to her as well as suddenly having a taste for architecture and meat… Will they ever meet up?

What was interesting about this book was the two viewpoints- Joyce in first person and Justin in third person. But I think the best thing was the supporting characters- Joyce’s father, Justin’s daughter and Joyce’s friends- they were engaging, quirky and interesting.

The ending is interesting- not what I’d thought it would be- but the epilogue was a bit predictable. The writing is accessible (you won’t need a dictionary) and the storyline passable (although I really hope nobody is deterred from donating blood in the thought that they’ll pass on their memories).

My copy had a Q & A with the author in the back in which she discusses her books being explained as ‘modern fables/fairytales’. I would certainly agree with this! It’s not preachy, but also this didn’t engage my entire brain. If you haven’t read Cecelia Ahern before, I would recommend P.S. I Love You for a weepy chick lit or The Gift  for a better example of a modern fable.

7 out of 10.


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