Becoming Scarlett by Ciara Geraghty

Earlier this year, I read Saving Grace by the same author and found it a simply lovely read, chick lit with a bit of substance. So, in a book buying slump, I picked this up for a little light reading. I think Becoming Scarlett would be a great movie- it’s full of implausible coincidences, wacky humour and engaging characters.

Scarlett O’Hara (yes, really) is the daughter of Irish film star Declan O’Hara and a habitual list maker who is one of the best wedding planners in Dublin. She finds out that’s she pregnant (definitely not on the list) and it could either be her ex-boyfriend, John Smith, actuary turned archeologist or Red Butler (yes, really), red headed barman. Unfortunately for Scarlett, she’s also planning the wedding of the year and the groom is Red Butler. Throw in a wacky Australian PA (why are all Australians OTT in Irish novels? Is it something in the Guinness when we go overseas?), a neurotic colleague, drama queen mother, WHAM loving secretary and the fish and chip heiress and there’s calamities galore.

Saying that, I didn’t find this book clichéd or over the top- just simply, believable- right down to the pink horses. Yes, you can see what’s coming from a long way, but there are a few twists and turns in the plot along the way. Geraghty writes very well and her simple delight at her book being delivered in the acknowledgements section will make you smile. There are a few typos though (eg. ‘Scarlet’). It’s not high literature, but like a pink cupcake- fun, naughty and so much better than the plain ones.


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